About Us


About Us

Pete's Eats was set up as the sort of café that Pete and Vicky would have liked to have found on their travels.

Food quality, quantity and price are fundamental but it is the other things that make places special, and these together create a place with a great atmosphere.

So from 1978 Pete's has always liked to offer extra features, some stay, some come and go - some are at the whim of management or staff and some are customer led - all are appreciated by most of our customers. Here is a list below:

1978 - now
Toilet - unusual at this time for similar cafes.
Free newspapers - very rare then in UK cafes.
Current climbing magazines to read.

1978 - 2001
Cheque cashing facility for customers who did not bank at the Midland or for when it was outside banking hours

1979 - 1981
A back room with easy chairs and coal fire - very popular especially at winter weekends. Lack of space led us to convert it to a café table area.

1979 - now

A new routes book for recording North Wales rock climbs - suggested and started by the late great Jimmy Jewel and friends. This is the source for magazine articles and guide books written by local activists. These are significant documents covering over twenty years of climbing history.

1979 - now
Noticeboards and information - expanded to meet need over the years - what's on, what's for sale, courses and much more. We usually have the local rock guides and maps available which we will lend out to people who need them. All our staff try to provide up to date information when requested - if we don't know often someone in the café does.





1979 - 1981
Pull-up training bars in the back room - before the advent of climbing walls this was often the in-place for some serious training.1980
First importation of block chalk from Italy as a climbing aid - license later went to another source.

1984 - now
The addition of a second toilet. Our policy has always been to allow non customers free use of these facilities as the public facilities in Llanberis are all too often closed.

1990 - now
Extensive photoboards which are regularly changed, depicting our customers and what they do - an extensive variety which always creates great interest.

1997 - now

Free CD juke box with a huge variety of non rock CDs including classical, jazz, blues, African and Asian music. Small display of some local artists work with details of how they can be contacted.

1998 - now
Installation of a credit card payment machine with cash back facilities.

1999 - now
Internet access within the café - the first available for public use in the village which allows overseas visitors to keep in touch with home.

2000 - now
Secure bars outside for chaining bikes, as a response to a spate of thefts. Also used to stop dogs wandering.

2001 - now
We again have two café chess sets, a chess clock and a backgammon set for customers to use. They are popular especially on cold wet days.



2001 - 2002
The café expansion added another 30 seats to over 100, disabled access and toilet, two additional toilets now making four, a shower, double glazing, central heating, a gas fire for wet winter days, free lounge and reading room upstairs with free map library, three computers with internet access, a flat that sleeps 12, a charity book exchange, rubbish compactors to help us recycle some of our waste, good fresh coffee, a better and faster serving area and a much enlarged and better equipped kitchen.
Donation by Ray Wood of some excellent black and white photographs for the new seating area.
The notice board was extended and quickly covered – enough for a whole mornings reading!

2003 - now
All old new routes books photocopied and properly bound so everyone now has access to the history of climbing locally since 1978.

2004 - now
Two high chairs and a baby changing unit added.