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There are in fact many different climbing locations to be found in this region. To start with, one has the mountain face of Llechog a crag with true history, plus some esoteric and remarkably advanced routes for their time, all in a delightful situation. Other 'mountain' crags in the area, such as Craig Cwm Silyn have a following, even Craig y Bera - previously consigned to the climbing dustbin as a tottering heap of rubbish has developed aficionados - as well as new routes. At a slightly lower level one has the mysterious delights of the Pennant and Nantlle valleys these will pay dividends to those who seek to unravel their misty veils of isolation. On the other hand, the overhanging complexities of Castell Cidwm are all too obvious, these crags provide as good a place for getting pumped as at any limestone cliff, in what is probably a far better setting.

Castell Cidwm is still a difficult cliff to approach; take note of further information at this site to see what will happen to the access situation here. Craig y Bera also had access problems; these may now have been resolved - more info soon. Access to Llechog is straightforward and not a problem; however, other areas do have some other troubles. The parking area for Craig Cwm Silyn is attractive for thieves; leave your car totally empty and well secured. For Craig Cwm Dulyn there is ample parking near the lake but do not block the gate. Cwm Pennant does have a few access points to the crags, but with some forethought and respect to others, there should not be any problem.

Maps - Ordnance Survey
Landranger 1:50,000 No. 115
Outdoor Leisiure 1:25,000 No. 17

New routes information is available on this web site, for more detailed information developments, one should ask around the shops in Llanberis; or, look through a copy of one of the recent new routes books in Pete's Eats - if there is one available.





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