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To all of us at Pete's Eats the food is the cornerstone of our business. Even though we operate at the cheaper end of the catering market we achieve a high standard and quality.

Many of our customers have depleted energy reserves when they visit us and therefore large portions are a major feature of our business. Many national chains have a standard portion of about 4oz for French fries cut thin so they seem more. Our standard portion is about 12 oz cut as a half inch chip. There is always a good selection of healthy eating options as well as a number of choices for both vegetarians and vegans.

Pete’s Eats was one of the first six places in Wales to receive the “Heartbeat Wales” award for eating places offering a full range of healthy eating options. We use butter, not a spread. The following brand names are also familiar for their quality rather than cheaper catering alternatives: Typhoo, Nescafe, Cadbury’s drinking chocolate, Ribena, Pepsi, Helmanns and many more are in daily use in the café. We are one of the few cafes left in the area still making our own chips, buying over a ton of fresh maris piper potatoes each week. Most of what we sell is made and cooked on the premises - soups from fresh produce, cakes from raw ingredients, not mixes, and specials made on the premises and not bought in from the frozen food wholesaler.

The café does buy in items such as beefburgers, cod, sausages and bacon. We use locally sourced bread and rolls for sandwiches, toast and burgers. There is always a good choice of cakes, soups and specials. Here is a selection of what’s available:


  • apple pies
  • flapjacks
  • carrot cake
  • chocolate cake


  • lentil
  • spicy tomato
  • mushroom
  • vegetable
  • leek and potato
  • carrot and coriander


  • spinach and chickpea curry
  • lasagne
  • spinach and cheese pie
  • chili
  • hummus
  • spaghetti bolognaise

And, of course, we are well known for our pint mugs of tea, coffee and drinking chocolate.